Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 The first video shows  my new cake studio and a giddy me!
It was filmed just after the 3 day Square Mad Hatters cake 2 days before New Year. If you want to view the videos on a larger screen click on to the You Tube square logo in the right hand corner and the picture will enlarge onto You Tube direct.

The second video below was made for my Mum  to watch.
My beautiful Mum passed away in July 2010 and nothing could have prepared me for it. I always talk about my Mum in most of my classes, as she has always encouraged me with my cake business. Mum was always for me to be working at home and being with my family more, instead of the long and late shifts as a chef. Mum always encouraged me to be creative as a little girl, nothing electronic in my day! and was a big fan of my baking and cooking attempts even at my young age.

For the past few years I have been recording my cake decorating of my cakes and deliveries to all the beautiful wedding venues with my dvd camera and then posting them on to my Mum who lived in the U.K. Great armchair viewing of the Gold coast, Mt Tamborine and the Sunshine coast. venues.She said it was better than any tourist commercial of Oz,after watching all the dvds I made!

After receiving another DVD she told me on the phone, how improved my cakes were, from being baked in the oven. I asked her what she meant and she replied so smooth and spotless. I had to laugh, as the DVD had footage filmed of ganached cakes ready to be covered with sugar paste! I laughed and said I wished they did turn out of the oven allready ganached but that was another part of the cake decorating! if only!

My Mum eventually went into a nursing home and was watching another dvd of mine,decorating a Mad Hatter as she was intrigued as to how it was stacked together and she asked me to record it as I made it. She told me as she was watching the DVD a care worker came into her room with a cup of tea.
Mum explained that it was her daughter ,decorating the cakes on the television. The carer replied yes dear of course it is, Mum thought she must probably think I am loosing my marbles!

Mum said the timing on the DVD was perfect,as I then spoke directly to the camera and said Well Mum this is the finished result I hope you have been paying attention as there will be questions when I call you next! The carer was gobsmacked and sat with Mum and watched a few more minutes of the DVD and Mum told me the carer ate some humble pie! Now thats the magic!

Warning !!!!!The video is long over 55 minutes, so get comfy and make a coffee and have a slice of cake!

The Third video was filmed after a visit  to the UK in 2009  I was suffering from jet lag and catering for a 100 guests sit down  wedding and  made the beautiful wedding cake.Sometimes I think I might just take a little too much on!

Warning !!!!The video is long over 55 minutes, so get comfy and make a coffee and have a slice of cake!

The fourth video from you tube and has had over 3 thousand viewings!!!

An older film with my cake classes.This has had over1.500 viewings.

A bridal fayre display of my work.